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connected, bright, at ease.

connected, bright, at ease.

Intuitive Babywork

baby is here

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Congratulations! Baby has arrived. Everyone's journey to get here is unique to them, often shapes how they respond to life out here in the world. We all plan, strive and prepare for the perfect birth but it so important to be mindful of being open to what comes. Baby has there own journey to fulfill.

Depending on your and Baby's birth story one or both you will benefit from some energetic unwinding, resetting, and addressing and clearing of any collective trauma's.

Intuitive Bodywork for baby, is great if baby is fussy, colic, uncomfortable, disconnected or if baby is having trouble latching, digesting, eliminating, or adjusting to the world.

I will work with baby's Spiritual Counsel, my Guides and Angels to bring alignment and balance to baby. I will adjust baby’s vibration so together you feel connected, calm, balanced and able to take on this new life.

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