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Pre & Post Natal

relaxed, connected, zen.

relaxed, connected, zen.

Pre & Post Natal Intuitive Bodywork

Mama, It's all About You

Congratulations, Mama! I am excited to work with you. I love empowering women. It is nothing short of a miracle what the female body is capable of and I want to support you on this journey with my intuitive bodywork. I offer a range of techniques and therapies to help your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies find alignment, balance and most of all ease.

make Space for Baby


If you are pregnant or have a new baby, we will work together creating space in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Every day is a new day when you are dealing with so many hormones. Whether that means helping you create a connection to baby pre or post delivery, release any traumas or unfulfilled expectation from your birthing experience or addressing some of the aches, pains and maladies you are experiencing as your body changes and adjusts.

Through Clarity, Comfort and Growth

I work with your spiritual counsel to bring you messages of clarity, to find comfort and support through your growth. I pull from my gifted toolbox; Reiki, Color and Sound Frequency Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Movement and Meditation. In a customized Somatic Healing session we address conscious, subconscious and genetic programming, old patterns, habits, traumas, identities, and emotional triggers that do not support you. We make space to align your energetic bodies through a process of de-cluttering and releasing, balancing your Chakras and energizing your Aura. Elevating your vibration at the cellular level supports your bodies’ transformation from a carbon to a crystalline structure. See available services

Connect with your Bliss & Be Free of Stress, Aches and Pains


I know becoming a mom for the first time or trying to make it all happen while adding to your already growing family is stressful. Stress depletes us on all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually, affecting our will to move forward with happiness in our hearts.

Each somatic healing session is unique and different as we work together to meet you and your baby's needs. The key in these sessions is to find your bliss. By resetting patterns, connecting your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, you experience a state of comfort, freedom and ease. Staying light and joyful throughout the pregnancy and after birth.

This is for you

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If you are feeling emotionally spent, hopeless, depleted, exhausted, run down, sore, uncomfortable, disconnected, unmotivated, stuck, foggy, heavy, depressed, or just plain tired. If you are experiencing insomnia, neck and shoulder pain, nausea, symptoms of allergies, pelvic girdle pain, low back pain, rib pain, swelling in the limbs, or water retention. We will address your maladies and elevate your cellular vibration to support you feeling lighter, brighter and more balanced.

Where To Start

We start with an "initial session", a two hour session to address all your needs around pregnancy or postpartum. This session will give us a baseline foundation to build and customize the best plan of action.

To meet the daily changing needs during pregnancy and postpartum I leave space in my schedule to accommodate last minute bookings for Mamas, both pre & post natal as you are just sometimes in need of connecting without the foresight of planning. See available services.

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Pre & Post Natal Yoga Classes

Mindful Mama Flow Tuesday's 3:00 - 4:30pm &

Prenatal Yoga Tuesday’s at 5:30pm

all at The Mama Cocoon

For the most up-to-date Yoga schedule follow me on Instagram @rebekha_wolf and/or Facebook - Rebekha Wolf.