Client Love
I am so grateful to Rebekha Wolf for her physical and mental support in my healing journey. As the stresses of life accumulated her yoga therapy, group led nutritional cleanse and emotional support has helped me grow stronger and more balanced on multiple levels so I am better able to be of service to myself and others. Thank you Rebekha and the entire Grassroots community.
Kelley M.
Rebekha gives from her highest connection of consciousness. Her guidance drives you home to redefining your own relationship with spirit, with self, and immersing into the heart of healing. Rebekha's warm energy allows one to thrive and become curious to merge her highest conscious-led guidance with modern physical body, mind, and emotions. Our time together is spent with focus on healing through intuitive therapy.
Belinda H.
The best thing I've done for myself was join Grassroots Yoga last year. I was looking to incorporate yoga into my life. I thought it was just good stretching, boy was I wrong! My 1st class was with Rebekha, it and she transformed me. Rebekha and the staff taught and continue to teach me yoga is more than poses and stretching. Rebekha has shown me a way of understanding my mental and spiritual being. Incorporating that with breath and poses and mindfulness. I see Rebekha outside of yoga class, she coaches me on mindfulness and spirituality and being the best me. She and yoga have helped immensely with my chronic back issues, thank you Rebekha!
Gino M.
When I met Rebekha I was dealing with severe chronic back pain. While in urgent care, to seek help managing the pain, Rebekha offered some reiki. Being a reiki II healer myself, I was very open - yet unsure of how the experience would be. I am very energetically sensitive & particular with whom I allow myself to be vulnerable & open with, when it comes to my healing. Needless to say, I am ever so grateful for the offer. As I took her up on it, only to open to the depths of deeper healing then I've been able to do solo. Rebekha has consistently offered such a grounded, passionate, safe healing space for me that I previously found hard to receive. Her intuitive approach allows my body & my spiritual connection to communicate what I'm not hearing on my own, so I may hear it & process it. Rebekha supported me with her healing throughout my ENTIRE pregnancy. And was here for us after Rian was born, through the discomfort of post labor.
Pixie S.
I have been working with Rebekha Wolf for a number of years and it has been an absolutely life-changing experience! Her ability to navigate myself through past traumas and old and dated patterns has been nothing short of a revelation for me! She has a very calm and nurturing demeanor which has been invaluable to me feeling safe in my journeys with her. I feel very blessed and fortunate to be working with Rebekha, it has been a true gift!
Jim K.
Reiki 1 with Rebekha was a truly magical experience. She opened up her beautiful home to a small circle of women seeking to access our goddess power. She facilitated a space for me to open myself up to spirit, and led a fantastic dialogue over the two days of Reiki training. Rebekha makes the sacred topics accessible as she weaves through our shared experiences, finding the purpose in our turmoil and the angels in our journey. She is deeply intuitive, open, and connected in a way that is grounded and supportive. Big thank you to healer/teacher/goddess Rebekha Wolf!! Can't wait for your cookbook
Lauren M.
I love Rebekha!! She has the purest soul and I'm so honored to be included in her circle of life. I have been searching for a healer, spiritual reader, Reiki master for sometime but just didn't connect. My friend April suggested Rebekha's services so I thought I would try one last time. OMG, it's the best decision I made and my life has definitely shifted in many ways because of Rebekha. When you truly connect with someone on a soul level, there are no words to describe. I appreciate her work, her intuitive mind and her spirit. I'm forever grateful! I live in Long beach but the distance is miniscule compared to finally connecting with someone who loves their own work and is genuine! !! If you have ever thought for a minute about trying or exploring Reiki, spiritual healing, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go see Rebekha Wolf, you will not be disappointed! !!
Jackie W.
Rebekha is truly an inspiration. She’s helpful in so, so many ways and an amazing teacher and friend. I was immediately drawn to her when I learned about who she was. She can teach you the right tools and mindset to heal your life. I was looking for spiritual guidance and was immediately directed to her when I decided to make the change towards living a healthier and more balanced life. I instantly felt at peace after just hugging her. She radiates love, compassion and positivity! I did a healing session with her and it completely changed my thoughts and world. Rebekha- you are a wonderful light in this world and I am so lucky to have met you. Thank you for all of your assistance and guidance.
I had the honor to be certified as a Reiki Level II Practitioner with the beautiful Rebekha Wolf. During our weekends of learning Reiki, Rebekha radiated not only a great amount of knowledge, but genuine care and kindness. I would not be the Reiki Healer I am today if it weren't for Rebekha's unconditional support, love and spiritual guidance. Not only do I turn to Rebekha as a spiritual mentor, but also as a true friend that I hold very near to my heart. She embodies the word "Goddess" and is absolutely a genuine, intuitive healer. If you are looking to spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically heal, I highly recommend signing up for any and all of her workshops, you won't be disappointed!!
Addisyn E.
I have had the pleasure of working with Rebekha pre-pregnancy, post-trama and prenatal. One specific time I was dealing with a sickness I couldn't kick. She came to the rescue with some intuitive bodywork, homemade herbal tea, essential oils and a listening ear, the true healing package! To say the least, I woke up the next day on the mend. She helped in a way no doctor could by connecting to what my body needed on an emotional, spiritual and energetic level in order to heal. Rebekha encompasses the qualities all Intuitive Healers should have... compassion, intuition, knowledge and a magical touch. When it comes to dealing with trauma or needing guidance in order to tap into your true self she is the perfect person to guide you down your path. She's a true gem and any women would be lucky to have her as a supporting hand and heart <3 !!
Stacey V.
Rebekha is amazing! I was lucky to have been referred to her by an appraiser I met once, as we were just chatting. The moment I met Rebekha before attending her Empowered Goddess Weekend where you learn Reiki level one, I knew I was making the right decision. You feel her spiritual connection as soon as you meet her. Meeting and working with Rebekha has changed my life, basically my life has shifted and changed in so many ways. My dream came true! I have always wanted to open up my own pet boutique and now I am a owner of my own pet boutique, Sailor & Friends. Rebekha has been with me during my entire journey of manifesting of owning my own pet boutique, Sailor & Friends before the purchase, up to the purchase, during the purchase and now of being a small business owner. I am so ever grateful for meeting Rebekha and showing me how I can change my life just by being me. Thank you Rebekha. I highly recommend Rebekha for spiritual healing and the Empowered Goddess Weekend where you learn Reiki level one.
Marnie B.
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