Soul Health +
Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy & Nutritional Mentoring For Whole Being Health

It is so important to set ourselves up for success, and this is where we start. As a team we will upgrade your soul health. Beginning with a thorough analysis of where you are now, we will create a customized plan to upgrade your lifestyle. This new set of tools will empower you with vitality, clarity, balance and joy.

Soul Health integrates a variety of mind/body practices such as movement, breathwork, meditation and nutrition. We will find what works best for your current routine and set goals that are easily achievable for an optimal state of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.
"The soul welcomes the darkest night,
aware that the light will return.”

– Unknown
When we make the decision to change our lifestyle and address the things that are not working for us, many things in our lives start to shift as well. We get confronted with habitual patterns, detrimental mindsets, and subconscious & genetic behaviors and programs that we are not necessarily conscious of. Many of these parts of us run on autopilot, yet we can shift them into our control.

Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing art. It invites presence and awareness of self. Using ancient yogic practices and herbal nutritional tools, we are able to know ourselves more fully. From that place of knowing, we find ease to embrace and integrate change, growth, and enhance our well-being in body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

As a nutritional therapist I offer easy to follow and simple nutritional plans that are based on the principles of Peak Harmonic Living. This method incorporates high enzyme active, alkaline foods and herbs into your routine. These foods are easily digestible and will support your body to generate more energy, so that you can feel AMAZING! (No, I won’t make you give up your coffee! Instead I will invite you to create ritual around it, get clear on why you reach for it, and offer ways to make it a little more healthful) If your lifestyle includes Raw, Vegan, Paleo, or any specific dietary regimen, we will honor those lifestyles and invite refinement with targeted choices from the pH Boosting Foods List to match your specific dietary choices

We can all use a little more AMAZING in our day.

I may suggest some Peak Harmonic Formulas (liquid herbal extraction); I believe they are essential to any body to maintain a high vibration and create the cellular shift we are desiring. These nutrient-dense herbal vitamins and mineral formulas are derived from organic whole foods and allow the body to use them as building blocks for whatever it is in need of. A  nourished body is empowered with the freedom to choose. The Formulas are cold extracted liquid herbal tinctures that allow your body to customize their use each time you take them. I stand behind these formulas with confidence because they changed my life and the course of my future. My story is similar to what other people have experienced as well.
Bottom Line In My Opinion
Even at our healthiest state we can all use a little support. We are always surrounded with air pollutants, environmental toxins and sub-par quality foods– even foods with an organic label. Using ancient yogic practices and the nutritional support of Peak Harmonic Formulas offers a foundation our bodies are craving. With them you can elevate your soul health and well being to the next level.
Sessions & Mentoring
As a team we will upgrade your soul health together, creating conscious soulful practices, habits, routines and rituals throughout your day and week.
Initial Soul Health Session
**For all first time clients.

Based on the info shared on your intake form(which is extensive), together we will explore and build a strong customized foundation just for you. Expect to explore some movement, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, and to discuss your nutritional lifestyle, routines, and needs. With that information we will create healthful rituals throughout your day. We will be together for 2 hours to begin.

If you are already working with a dietician, nutritionist or doctor, we will consult them before adjusting or adding nutrition and/or supplements.

What's Included:
Optional Extras:
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Continued Mentoring
**For clients that have had an initial Soul Health session.

Mentorship is variable based on what feels good for accountability. This can be as often as weekly or monthly. Session length can also vary. I will make suggestions, but ultimately it’s what feels good and right for you. As an investment in yourself, know you are WORTH IT. Each session will be customized based on where you are on your journey. Expect to discuss/explore some movement, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, and nutrition, diving into your challenges and triumphs, making adjustments as we go for continued growth and success.

Please contact me directly to set up on-going mentorships.
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Liberate yourself from the inside out.
Are you ready to invest the time and energy into your own healing journey?

I am honored to assist you on this powerful journey of inner healing to gather the information you need to help you live your best life. We will explore together beyond what you can imagine, right now! 
ReUnite with your most aligned, ascended and wise soulself.