Empowered Goddess Activation

Next Goddess Gathering BEGINS February 3rd, 2024
There is a call for the uprising of the Divine Feminine energy and Mother Earth needs you to stand with her as the Empowered Goddess that you truly are.

NOW is the time of the Goddess Revolution! YOU ARE READY! You have been doing the work and it’s time to harness all the energy and integrate the tools to stand EMPOWERED, in the embodiment of your GODDESS energy.

Spirit has called for an EMPOWERED GODDESS ACTIVATION and I am listening! Over the last few years I have been digging deep in the shadows of both my own and the collective consciousness and I have learned the deeper you go, the greater capacity for light you create. It’s been a journey and I realized this quest was a craving for clarity on my purpose, a stronger connection and trust in my intuition and source/spirit, inner peace, emotional resiliency and more tools, practices and rituals to support me on this journey. Maybe you have a desire or craving for these things too?

This quest has given me so much inner strength, and spiritual fulfillment, I feel intimately connected with spirit/source wisdom and have been through numerous activations and initiations, that have helped me settle into a greater embodiment of light and it’s now time to share those with you. So in communion with Divine Spirit we have curated a powerful and in-depth Activation of the divine feminine Goddess that is your sacred truth.

Sister, it's time to remember WHO you really are!

In this hybrid course you will awaken to your sacred heart, build trust of your Empowered Goddess knowing, elevate your capacity to expand and that’s just the beginning.
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Through Initiations, Activations + Teachings you will:

~ Rebecca Campbell 
We will practice sacred rituals, receive powerful activations, experience initiations and channeled meditation to nourish our soul each time we gather.

For many of us the immensity of our true power scares us, through this course the immensity of your power will begin to feel like HOME.

If any of this intrigues you we have curated an amazing course with Usui Reiki Shoden (Level I) Initiation. This is just one of the activations and initiations you will receive as Reiki I or Reiki Shoden as referred to in Japanese Usui lineage, is the most important degree of Reiki, because this is where we initiate our own empowered awakening journey.

The fundamental principles of Reiki Shoden teaches us to cultivate a strong self reiki practice, and healing for spiritual growth, soul expansion and intuitive knowing.

Perhaps you have already been initiated for Reiki, if you are getting a resounding yes from deep within follow the sacred pings of your heart. There is so much here for you. Every Reiki initiation is powerful and strengthens this tool. I personally did each of my Reiki Shodan and Reiki Okuden twice, and each time was extremely powerful.

Reiki is a wonderful self-healing tool. Are you curious about energy and energy healing? How to clear and balance your Chakra's? During the Empowered Goddess Activation you will learn tools to support you in staying grounded, connected and in divine alignment with your Soul. Deepening your connection to your intuition and strengthen your ability to understand messages of universal intelligence, source energy, and your spirit guides.
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Sister Shares
“I’ve done many things to “cure” my spiritual maladies. My PTSD and clinical depressive diagnoses have been at the forefront of things that need “fixing”. 12 steps (5 times!!) church, friends, different friends, medications, hormone replacement…the list is very long. BUT NEVER have I come across something that has me looking at me square in the soul, saying it's all ok. Everything you’ve been through, all the things you’ve experienced are not without purpose and reason. My mind (crown) is coming alive… so alive. I am falling in love with me… with all the broken, imperfect beauty that lies within. Every day is a new revelation. All the OH’s and AHA’s are so fucking alarming and beautiful. I did self Reiki the other day and you know what happened Rebekha?? My arms wrapped around my body in a profound hug. WTF?? YOU HAVE KNOCKED ON MY MOST HIDDEN DOORS AND I AM HERE!! I just wanted to honor you, and who you are. It helps so many. Kinetic. Perfect. Beautiful. ♥️🙏🏻”
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What To Expect At These Sacred Gatherings

At these sacred gatherings you deepen your connection to yourself, your SOUL self. You feel more grounded, centered and balanced, you will learn tools to self heal, self soothe, self regulate, self empower and sustain a balanced vibration that feels so good. You will learn to spot the signs of the universe, your Angels, Spirit Guides and Counsel of Light more clearly, how to invoke the strength and protection of your Sacred Seraphim Dragon, how to create sacred rituals in each and every day, and how to co-create the life of your dreams. You will experience 11 Activations and Initiations through our time together. They will all be recorded for you to relisten to as many times as you desire.
11 Activations and Initiations
"A journey that will welcome you home to The Sisterhood that is your birthright. ”

– Rebekha Wolf
Where + When:
This Activation Course begins February 3rd at 9am. Here are the details of each time we will gather. *Note: In person is listed in BOLD all other dates are in our zoom womb.
Saturday, February 3rd 9am - 12pm *In Person
Wednesday, February 7th 7pm - 8:30pm *Zoom
Saturday, February 10th 9am - 2pm *In Person
Wednesday, February 28th 7pm - 8:30pm *Zoom
Wednesday, March 6th 7pm - 8:30pm *Zoom
Wednesday, March 13th 7pm - 8:30pm *Zoom
Saturday, March 16th 9am - 2pm *In Person
Wednesday, March 20th 7pm - 8:30pm *Zoom
Saturday, March 23rd 9am - 12pm *In Person

We will gather together in person at a beautiful and sacred residence in Oak View, CA. You must attend all dates to get your certificate for Reiki Shoden. For all in person gatherings we will be providing light snacks and beverages. Specific details will be shared after sign up.
A Commitment To Soul
At these sacred gatherings you deepen your connection to who you really are, you feel more grounded, centered and balanced, you embody practices and tools of self-empowerment, self-healing and self-regulation. This activation is a soul enriching experience that will leave you empowered, integrated and embodied more fully in your innate Goddess strength.

This is an opportunity for you to make a commitment to YOU. Over the time together you will have the opportunity to embrace, learn, practice and apply these healing practices and techniques. When you have been initiated and all course requirements have been met, you will receive a personalized certificate with my gold embossed seal stating that you have been awarded the title of Usui Reiki Shoden Practitioner.  You may then use the appropriate initials RP I after your name.

Exchange is $555. Payment plans available. Secure your spot with $111 Deposit. Spaces are limited.
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Empowered Goddess & Reiki Okuden

Taking It To The Next Level
Are you interested in being a Reiki Practitioner or taking your Reiki practice, connection and training to the next level? Do you have a desire to share this ancient healing technique with others, in the Empowered Goddess with Usui Reiki Level II weekend Intensive you will learn about and be attuned to Second Degree Reiki, also called Okuden in some Japanese branches.
Emotional Healing. Mental Awareness.
Second Degree Reiki focuses on healing at the emotional and mental level, for others and our selves. Reiki II helps us clear negative emotions and thought patterns, can assist with addictions, and heal past lives. At this level you will also learn and practice distance healing. In distance healing, Reiki can be sent to someone, at another location nearby, around the world, or beyond the world. With distance healing, we can even heal the earlier years in this life as well as our past lives or karma. You will receive the Power, Emotional and Mental, and Distant Healing Symbols and learn their meanings and how to put them into practice.

The Second Degree training will prepare you to practice the healing technique of Reiki at a professional level. You will also be introduced to Angelic Healing and how to call on your Angels to assist you in your healing sessions.
"Love is Energy, and Energy is EVERYTHING..”

– Unknown 
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Empowering New Tools You Will Learn:
This is for you if you are a Massage Therapist, Aesthetician, Yoga Teacher or Practitioner, Family Therapist, First Responder, Nurse, Doctor, Mom, Caregiver, Childcare Specialist, Teacher, or anyone in a healing arts field of work, you will love the addition of this tool, to your life and your work. If you have children that have difficulties with ADHD or autism, or other labeled learning or behavioral issues this technique helps to bring them a greater sense of peace, through increased communication to better regulate responses in their bodies, helping them function with greater ease.
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A Commitment To Soul
This course will be a 30 day commitment. Over the 30 days we will meet for 6 full days of instruction, which will include getting attuned, learning and applying healing techniques and the ancient Japanese art of healing. When you have been attuned and all course requirements have been met, you will receive a personalized Certificate with my gold embossed seal stating that you have been awarded the title of Usui Reiki Level II Practitioner.  You may then use the appropriate initials RP II after your name.
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Payment plans available when requested.
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Liberate yourself from the inside out.
Are you ready to invest the time and energy into your own healing journey?

I am honored to assist you on this powerful journey of inner healing to gather the information you need to help you live your best life. We will explore together beyond what you can imagine, right now! 
ReUnite with your most aligned, ascended and wise soulself.