Group Classes

Healing Yoga

Currently offering Gentle Flow and YinFusion public classes at Grassroots Yoga in Ventura, CA. that are restorative in nature. Great options for those looking for, grounding, connection to oneself and body or looking for a slower practice that focuses on proper alignment. Those recovering from injury, rebuilding stamina, suffer from joint pain and stiffness, body aches and pains, will benefit from these classes.
Gentle Flow ~ Tuesdays 8am
101 Power Flow ~ Thursdays 8am
YinFusion + Soundbath ~ Sundays 5:30pm
Prenatal Yoga ~ Tuesday 5:30pm on Zoom

For Prenatal Yoga - to attend these intimate classes.

If you are new to Grassroots Yoga Ventura I would like to gift you your first class. Contact them directly to save your spot in the class of your choice. Be sure to let them know Rebekha Wolf Gifted you a FCP to attend. 805-628-3676
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